About our Company

About our Company


My name is John Wright I started Drive On Time in 2008. I started this company because of my love for driving and my desire to have a positive impact on young people in our community. My firm belief is that collisions are not accidental. Driving behavior causes collisions. Distractions, Following Too Closely, Speeding, Driving Impaired and Failing to Yield Properly are the main causes of New Driver Crashes. Failing to buckle up is also a major cause of injury and fatality for young people who get into collisions. So this is our focus in class. Everything we do is designed to educate young drivers about appropriate driving procedures and discourage young drivers from taking risks behind the wheel. Driving affects everyone and its the first major adult responsibility most young people have. So I gave up my corporate executive/sales career and chose to use my 2,000,000 miles of driving experience to help new drivers become good citizens on the public road. So far, I have personally donated more than $550,000.00 of free labor to keep prices low while maintaining the best quality program available in our area.

Drive ON Time Driving School is a place where learning is fun and the instructors actually care enough to take the time to give you the attention you need to achieve driving success. I have heard so many stories since I started this business about schools that don't teach, but rather push people through. Every time I hear this it breaks my heart. It also breaks my heart when potential customers call up checking prices saying all the schools are the same, because I know it is just not true. Some schools teach things that increase driving risk, at Drive On Time Driving School students only learn skills that are proven to reduce risk.

Here is what you will get at Drive ON Time Driving School: instructors committed to your driving success, a study guide that is yours to keep, free pizza Fridays, no quiz Tuesdays, driving sessions designed to build competence and confidence, instructor feedback with written driving evaluations and practice recommendations and a driving school that is behind you all the way because "We Are With You Until You Pass" is not just our motto it is our business philosophy.

Drivers Ed Program

30 hours classroom and 6 hours behind the wheel is what is required for all ages by the Maryland MVA to get a license. Our classroom course covers the basics of vehicle control, driver safety, right of way, basic maneuvering, signs signals and markings, hazard recognition, all road types, bad weather driving, collision responsibilities, and a special emphasis on the dangers of distracted driving, drinking and driving, drugged driving, road rage and fatigued driving. Our behind the wheel course takes the concepts taught in the classroom and applies them in a practical behind the wheel setting. We start slow in a parking lot and progress challenging the student up to their ability level. Driving sessions progress in intensity from no traffic to low traffic, to medium traffic, to heavy traffic and include the following road types: rural, residential, business, city, highway and expressway. Our course is comprehensive in nature, but, driving is a skill that requires practice to achieve proficiency.

Other programs we teach include the following:

Driver Improvement Program

Safe And Sober/3 hour alcohol Program

Young Driver Improvement Program

Advanced Instructor Training

Continuing Education

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